Health class saved by Unblock Tunnel to access YouTube video

Sometimes when teaching my classes I have to access some videos from the internet. As we all know, the website YouTube is a very popular source for funny videos. However there is also lots of educational stuff on there. For many reasons youtube is blocked on school computers. For some reason I did not remember that last night when I was putting together the lesson for the next day. The students noticed I was trying to access youtube. While I was doing that I overheard one saying, I guess she doesn’t know the secret. I asked him what secret? He then said, If you go to you can access any blocked site. So I went on the site. I entered and it pulled up just as if it wasn’t blocked! I search for the video I was looking for and presto! It worked. I thanked the student and moved on with my lesson. I was also able to use the site for all my other class periods. Obviously this isn’t the right thing to do, but hey! Cant argue with great results. Maybe they should give teachers unfiltered internet access so they don’t have to use YouTube proxy sites to unblock youtube.

Not all male enhancement pills are made equal

pillsOnly recently has there been a huge explosion of male enhancement pill out in the market. The only problem with this products being available online is that not all of them end up being approved by doctors or anyone who is an expert. There have already been many cases where people end up going to the hospital for unsafe levels of medicine in their system. If you are going to be buying products online, please make sure you find great sources. Today we have one for you! The website Pastillas Para Agrandar El Pene has been filling this knowledge gap for all of the men in the Hispanic community. They went out and did thorough research on what works and what does not. They also only promote products that have been explicitly and manually approved by the FDA. The support for the site is overwhelming. If you look on social media, you will find lots of guys out there openly talking about the site. If you would like to learn more you can visit the Pastillas Para Agrandar El Pene website or you can also find them on Tumblr. While the content on their Tumblr is slightly less serious in nature, it is very educational anyways.

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